Wide Access Container Liner

Our Wide Access Container Liner can be totally enclosed or, if the specific gravity of the product requires it, a 3/4 height liner may be used.


A Wide Access Container Liner is used for equipment, boxes, palletised goods, dry bulk, and wet skins. Commodities include sand, fish meal, wet skins, tobacco boxes, sugar, etc.


The polyethylene liner is suspended within the container by attaching the fixing ties to holes/lugs in the inside ceiling of the container.

The filling sleeve and discharge sleeve would align with respective holes in the bulkhead.

Retention systems are placed at the base and back of the liner.

The container is closed either with a duffle closure (gathered and tied to seal cargo) as shown in the diagram, or with a fold over.


The Wide Access Container Liner allows loading to take place with front end loaders, forklifts, augers, conveyors or by blowing.


Discharge is done by opening the liner. If loading is done with forklifts or is motorized then a reusable heavy-duty carpet may be used to protect the bulkliner floor/base from punctures when loading and removing in stages during the operation.

Desiccants may be used within a full container liner to prevent moisture and minimise condensation.

Bulkheads can be used to secure the load as needed.

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