Open Top Container Liner

An Open Top Container Liner secures the container so that no leakage takes place and no further dunnage is necessary. The liner is available with an open top but can also have a fold over as part of the liner to further protect goods.


The polyethylene liner is suspended within  the container by attaching the fixing ties to holes/lugs in the inner ceiling of the container.

The filling sleeve and discharge sleeve would align with respective holes in the bulkhead.

Retention systems are placed at the base and back of the liner.


Loading takes place from a gravity fed hopper or silo. Trucks with open top containers can park under the silo. The silo is then opened with the correct quantity of product. The truck is loaded and ready to leave.

Closed top containers can be loaded through openings in the roof.

The container liner is either secured with a fold-over flap, or the container would have a re-usable PVC-type roofing to protect goods, or both.


The container is opened and tipped, and the goods discharged into a hopper.

A fishtail discharge may also be fitted for a more controlled flow of goods on discharge.

Bulkheads are not necessary as the doors are closed.

Dedicated containers are used when there is a constant flow of goods between manufacturing plants. There would be a back load of this empty container.

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