Open Top Tarpaulins

Open top tarpaulins are aimed at transport and logistics managers moving bulk goods in open top containers. We use a custom-made heavy duty PVC material to withstand the wear and tear and harsh environments these tarpaulins are typically exposed to. We can manufacture open top tarpaulins to any specifications.


  • The key benefit of using the specially made strong PVC material is that the lifespan of the open top tarpaulin is extended, allowing for a longer lifespan in harsh conditions
  • When not in use, open top tarpaulins can be folded up and stored neatly and securely

Materials and specifications

  • Manufactured using an 800 gsm PVC specially made for tarpaulins that incorporates a strong built-in scrim or foundation in the material
  • Strong eyelets ensure the open top tarpaulin can be securely fastened when in use
  • Can be branded to boost brand visibility in transit and create an additional marketing tool



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