Scaffolding Sheeting

The branded Power Plastics scaffolding sheeting is both durable and cost effective, manufactured in modules for easy handling and installations. It protects construction workers and the public, and even without any construction work in progress, it allows you to convert your site or building into a billboard, boosting visibility with printed logos and other branding in high visibility areas.

Our mesh solutions are aimed at engineers, construction managers, health and safety compliance officers, building owners and marketing managers.


  • Protect pedestrians / workers from falling tools, objects and debris, creating a safer construction environment
  • Prevent tools from falling and being damaged, or lost
  • Offers a measure of protection from wind and rain, and protects buildings from weathering
  • Scaffolding sheeting is durable and cost effective in that it may be used a number of times
  • Can be digitally printed in modules and/or strips to produce a final product
  • Our scaffolding sheeting products are engineered to custom fit the building / rigging


Scaffolding sheeting is widely used on

  • Construction sites
  • Public walkways
  • Signage on building exteriors
  • Oil rigs

Materials and specifications

  • 350gsm PVC mesh engineered product, reinforced with solid PVC on the sides
  • At 500mm or 750mm intervals, a reinforced securing point is used. Alternatively, an eyelet is placed in the hem
  • Suited to high wind areas – excellent for the construction industry
  • Scaffolding sheeting can be welded into panel size to suit clients requirements and is wind rated for construction scaffolding
  • Can be ordered in units of 1,5m to 9m wide x 50m long
  • Available in grey, blue and black
  • Option to include branding on the scaffolding sheeting
  • UV stabilised


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