Grain Storage

Power Plastics grain storage solutions allow for the storage and preservation of grain and other agricultural items. A versatile product, our grain storage solutions can also be used to line small reservoirs and aid with water retention.

We service a wide variety of grain and agricultural logistics managers, food manufacturers and road haulage suppliers.


  • Provides a cost-effective on-farm storage solution
  • Preserves grain and dry agricultural commodities, preserving market value and reducing losses
  • Grain storage solutions can be used as a reservoir liner to improve water retention and water storage


  • Our grain storage products are used for grain pits, grain dams and grain bunkers
  • Can be used as a small, multi-purpose reservoir liner

Materials and specifications

  • Our grain storage products are manufactured in either LDPE or PVC material
  • LDPE liners are available in black, with the PVC option available in a variety of colours
  • UV stabilised



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