Reservoir Liners

Power Plastics’ Reservoir Liners are used to stop leakages and water losses. An excellent solution in cases where the reservoir is aging and has started to break down and it is difficult to detect exactly where leakages are occurring.

The main requirement when fitting a reservoir liner to repair a leaking reservoir is that the structure should remain strong enough to support the volume of water contained in the reservoir.

Quick and easy to install, our Reservoir Liners are custom made to size and shape and are also available in standard sizes. Widely used for lining corrugated tanks and reservoirs, mesh or panel reservoirs, and traditional brick and cement reservoirs. Top covers can also be manufactured to clients’ requirements, using VapourGuard to prevent evaporation and algae growth, thereby keeping the water clean.

The inside diameter of the reservoir, the depth, and the wall thickness are needed to calculate the Reservoir Liner quote.

Materials and specifications

  • A 600gsm (gram per square meter) PVC is recommended due to it being a robust, UV stabilized product with a minimum lifespan of 8 years


Reservoir Liners
Material600gsm PVC 250 micron polyethylene (PE)150 micron PE
DimensionsBespoke6m, 7m, 8m or 9m - all 1,6m in height with 600mm overhang, i.e. 2,2m in height6m, 7m, 8m or 9m - all 1,6m in height with 600mm overhang, i.e. 2,2m in height
Lifespan 8 years3 years1 year
UV StabilisedYesYesNo
AvailabilityMade to order / 2 weeksAvailableAvailable
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