Reservoir Kits

Power Plastics’ Reservoir Kits can be used as a DIY solution for various uses including grain storage, water and various liquid storage (compatibility with liquids must be checked prior to application/usage).

The Reservoir Kits come complete with everything needed to make a basic free-standing reservoir, including:

  • Supported PVC tarpaulins (woven polyester base fabric) of various colours and thicknesses, based on the application
  • Walls are normally made from galvanized mild steel or plastic mesh and panels
  • Wire mesh to provide support for the reservoir walls
  • Wire lining to prevent the wire mesh damaging the reservoir lining
  • Cable and clamps to secure the lining to the reservoir
  • Outlet bung and valve
  • Pipe fittings available ex-catalogue from numerous suppliers, application dependent
  • Pumps available ex-stock from various suppliers (to be specified upon order)

Pallet dimensions for shipping costings will be provided after all kit selections have been made.


MaterialLiners are normally constructed of 600 gsm PVC material, in blue/black dual tone material.
Black 800 gsm PVC is used upon special request, and in cases where the reservoir exceeds 20m in diameter
Mesh reservoirs are made from welded, galvanized mild steel in a variety of sizesBolted panel reservoirs are made from galvanized sheet steel, in a number of different sizesPump and pipe fittings are available in various dimensionsPumps and other electrics are available in a variety of sizes and outputs
Lifespan5 years
UV StabilisedYes
Option for brandingYes




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