Power Plastics Bin Liners help protect expensive industrial machinery and comply with ISO standards and best practice in respect of machine storage/protection.

These customisable transport solutions are aimed at warehouse and production managers, vehicle shipping/logistics managers and health and safety compliance officers. Specialty bin liners for the explosives industry are another one of our target markets.


  • Bin liners will help protect goods in the transport chain
  • Reduces handling constraints when it comes to managing large quantities of fine materials
  • Where using bin liners, greater choices in packaging options are created
  • Minimises contamination and handling of bulk materials within factory infrastructures. The seams on the bin liners are gas- and water-tight which eliminates any build up of dust or moisture in storage and in transit

Materials and specifications

  • Our bin liners are manufactured from Polyethylene or PVC sheeting of various weights and thicknesses
  • Liners can include non-static materials depending on specific client requirements
  • Dimensions: bin liners can be custom designed to any size or storage bin dimension


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