VapourGuard logoHighly effective in curbing water losses through evaporation, VapourGuard is the ideal complement to Power Plastics’ water retention products. Whereas dam and reservoir liners prevent loss of water due to leakages, the VapourGuard GeoBubble cover floats on the water surface to prevent evaporation and preserve water quality.

The VapourGuard GeoBubble material is custom manufactured to fit a dam or reservoir to cover the expanse of water. This gets more and more technical as the water body increases in size. While nothing is impossible, large water bodies need greater technical input where a VapourGuard is being fitted.

VapourGuard can either be secured to the shoreline of a ground dam by being dug into the edges and weighted down with sand snakes, or float unsecured as in the case of reservoirs.


  • Eliminate water evaporation by 98%+: if storing water for crop irrigation, mining, agriculture or hydroponics, for example, you will be losing millions of litres of water through evaporation. A VapourGuard geomembrane cover will eliminate this loss by 98%+ and maximises ‘free’ water, saving money and lengthening the time period water is available for from the farm tank or dam.
  • Collect rainfall: VapourGuard is a floating cover, partially perforated to absorb water from rain into the underlying stored water body but will not release water into the atmosphere. The cover rises and falls with changes in the water level.
  • Lower water temperature through solar reflection: the light top surface of the VapourGuard geomembrane material is designed to reflect the sun’s heat away from the water surface area, preventing heat build up.
  • Algae reduction: the dark underside of the geomembrane material is designed to prevent light penetrating the surface, inhibiting algae growth and bacteria in the contained water, something which could be dangerous to the health of animals or crops.
  • Reduced water contamination: by virtually sealing the surface area, air-born debris is substantially reduced which in turn reduces water contamination. This prevents blockages in filters and irrigation systems, reducing the time and money spent on maintenance.

The VapourGuard geomembrane material has an expected lifespan of 6 to 8 years. This assumes there are no corrosive chemicals in the water being covered. If corrosive chemicals are present this will significantly reduce the product’s useful life. VapourGuard is UV stabilised for Southern African UV conditions. At .52kgs per m2, it is not too heavy but  still suited to harsh climatic and mechanical conditions.

Materials and specifications

  • Dual-extruded Polyethylene film
  • Thickness: 540 microns
  • Weight per m2: 520 gms
  • Colour: light grey / black
  • UV stabilised
  • A VapourGuard geomembrane cover is 100% recyclable (LDPE 4)




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