Thermal Rolltainer Covers

Used by manufacturers internally or to transport their product to a retailer, thermal rolltainer covers are an effective way to transport goods in a wire cage on wheels, ensuring the goods are temperature controlled.


Power Plastics’ 3-layer thermal rolltainer covers eliminate large variations in temperature within the cold chain, thus minimising loss or spoiling of temperature-sensitive goods.

  • Within a full load of product sometimes only one or two rolltainers are temperature sensitive. These can then be covered individually with thermal rolltainer covers
  • A thermal 3-layer mat is also recommended for the base of the rolltainer to fully optimise the thermal qualities of the cover
  • The first two layers provide reflective and conductive heat transfer properties while the third layer is there to enable the cover to be re-used multiple times
  • The covers are easily cleaned
  • Food-safe materials are used
  • Velcro strips can be added to one or both sides of the front of the cover to allow easy access to the goods with the cover still intact
  • Document pockets and branding on the covers are available on request


Thermal Rolltainer Covers are used by producers of perishable goods within manufacturing processes to maintain the cold chain and also used by retailers to deliver cold goods directly into fridges and freezers.

Materials and specifications

3-layer thermal – for temperature control of a rolltainer load of product. Made from 3 layers of material which are technically bonded together:

  • An inner reflective Power Plastics barrier insulation foil to reflect the heat away from the product.  It has a reflectivity of 96% to 97%, and is able to withstand temperatures between -30 degrees Celsius and +100 degrees Celsius
  • A middle conductive layer of insulation material
  • A protective outer layer of coated HDPE tarpaulin that is UV stabilised

4-layer thermal is the same as above but has a fourth inner layer of protective HDPE material. Used mainly where there is excessive handing during transportation.

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