Thermal Air Cargo Covers

Power Plastics’ Thermal Air Cargo Covers are made to IATA-specified air cargo container sizes.  These are made of a single layer of Power Plastics barrier foil or alternatively from our 3- or 4-layer thermal material depending on the client’s needs and requirements.

Single layer Thermal Air Cargo Covers are for non-returnable air cargo covers whereas the multiple layer Thermal Air Cargo Covers are reusable and good for multiple uses.


Thermal Air Cargo Covers protect goods from temperature fluctuations while in an air cargo setting.

  • Eliminates large variations in temperature in air cargo, thus minimising loss or spoiling of temperature-sensitive goods
  • Thermal Air cargo covers are made to IATA-sized containers
  • An internal bottom mat is also recommended for the base of the container
  • Some covers need to travel with the goods while others are removed as soon as goods enter the aircraft. These covers have different layers/prices to accommodate the single use applications
  • Easy access to goods can be designed into the pallet cover with the use of Velcro-secured flaps
  • Webbing loops can be fitted to the top and sides of the cover to assist with removal of cover due to size and bulk
  • Food safe materials are used
  • Goods are not only protected from temperature but from rain, wind, odours and general airport contaminations


Multiple-use air cargo covers are used by logistics companies involved in the transportation of perishable goods such as flowers and fruit. It is unpredictable how long goods can wait for aircraft especially in African destinations, hence these Thermal Air Cargo Covers protect goods at the airport terminal prior to boarding flights.

Single use Thermal Air Cargo Covers travel with the perishable goods. These are often requested by the importer/ international retailer as a means to protect goods in transit.

Materials and specifications

Our Thermal Air Cargo Covers can be made from Power Plastics barrier foil welded together to form a cover which fits perfectly over the entire air cargo container.

The other option is to use the Power Plastics 3-layer thermal material, technically bonded together as follows:

  • An inner reflective Power Plastics barrier insulation foil to reflect the heat away from the product.  It has a reflectivity of 96% to 97%, and is able to withstand temperatures between -30 degrees Celsius and +100 degrees Celsius
  • A middle conductive layer of insulation material
  • A protective outer layer of coated HDPE tarpaulin that is UV stabilised


Tiran Logistics has had an association with Power Plastics for some years and have found their service levels to be of an exceptionally high standard, attention to detail being key. We have made several purchases of thermal blankets (Thermal Air Cargo Covers) to keep product in pristine condition before being loaded onto aircraft destined for various international hubs and have found the blankets to be more than satisfactory.

We would be more than happy to recommend Power Plastics to any potential customer base.

Ian Bedford, Tiran Logistics

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