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Solutions driven – Power Plastics’ Technology Partners

Because most industrial solutions are complex and involve several suppliers for one project or requirement, Power Plastics has a solutions-based approach. Taking a broader view of the challenges, this team identifies the very best technical supplier partner groups in a variety of sectors including fumigation, poultry and aquaculture. After a thorough assessment of the technology partner’s skills we align the businesses and identify quality product solutions that fit with the overall project requirements.

This means the customer only deals with one entity on a multifaceted solution, thus streamlining the entire procurement, manufacturing and assembly process – something ordinarily only achieved by interacting with numerous suppliers. Power Plastics or the partner group then manages the project to ensure budgets and timelines are met, and is on hand for after sales support.

While aimed at smaller operations and in particular new business start ups, this solutions-driven service is scalable and is aligned to our core brand value – to promote socio economic empowerment in industrial Africa from grassroots level up and to actively add value to the sectors in which we operate.

Trade opportunities in Africa

At Power Plastics we consistently seek to widen our skills set and further our products and services through strategic networking. As such, we are open to exploring new trade partnerships throughout Africa. Drop us a line on if you feel there are valuable synergies to be explored together.

Learn more about our technology partners

Deep Blue Aqua (aquaculture)

Bamic (cold chain logistics)

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