Deep Blue Aqua

Power Plastics manufacture dam and reservoir liners for use with Deep Blue Aqua systems.

Deep Blue Aqua design, manufacture and install aquaculture and live-holding systems for both fresh and marine species. The Deep Blue Aqua team and its associates have the skills and experience to supply most aquaculture technology needs.

They have significant experience in aquaculture and live-holding technology, ranging from abalone to trout farming, installation of R&D facilities, hatcheries, aquariums, live holding systems and hotel swimming pool filtration systems. In addition, Deep Blue Aqua design and build both flow-through and recirculation systems, dependent on the application.

Power Plastics link in with Deep Blue Aqua by providing the contained environment or the dam liner/reservoir liner for aquaculture solutions.

The Deep Blue Aqua systems include:

  1. Brood stock systems
  2. Hatchery systems
  3. Nursery and grow-on systems
  4. Recirculation and flow-through systems
  5. Filters, pumps, graders, blowers and general equipment
  6. Monitoring and control systems
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