Raceways are artificial channels used in aquaculture to culture aquatic organisms. Power Plastics has worked with aquaculture specialists to develop raceways that can be custom-made to fit any trough dimensions in an aquaculture environment.

Air-tight and water-tight welds make these raceways ideally suited to aquaculture. They are UV treated to ensure a lifespan of 7 to 10 years in a normal environment.

Power Plastics’ raceways can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Materials and specifications

  • Power Plastics’ raceways are made from a specially made 600 gsm PVC, black on one side and blue on the other
  • Raceways are usually made with a 500 mm lip that extends over the edge of the trough and is secured by way of eyelets or a rip cord
  • Can be branded to create a marketing tool if required
  • Can be customised to allow for inlet and outlet pipes and valves to be welded into place
  • UV treated
  • Raceways can be repaired on site using a specially designed PVC glue obtainable from Power Plastics
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