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Our thermally-insulated 3-layer Thermal Pallet Covers (pallet jackets) are an effective way to avoid temperature fluctuations in the cold chain. We are able to manufacture the jackets to the exact dimensions of the loaded pallet.

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4 Layer thermal Material 1.2m x 1m x 1.2m high, Single Layer Foil 1.2m x 1m x 1.2m high



  • Eliminates large variations in temperature in logistics settings thus minimising loss or spoiling of temperature-sensitive goods
  • Allows an alternative to using expensive refrigerated vehicles where not absolutely necessary
  • Where only one or two pallet loads within a full load of product are temperature sensitive, these can be covered with a thermal pallet cover
  • Thermal pallet covers are made according to the standard South African (1.2m x 1.0m) and European (1.2m x 0.8m) pallet sizes and the height is then specified by client and made to order
  • A thermal 3-layer mat is also recommended for the base of the pallet
  • The first 2 layers provide reflective and conductive heat transfer properties while the third layer is there to enable the cover to be re-used multiple times
  • The covers are easily cleaned
  • Easy access to goods can be designed into the pallet cover with the use of Velcro-secured flaps
  • Food-safe materials are used



  • For temperature regulation of hot or cold products on pallets
  • For retailers wanting to maintain their cold chain of perishable products such as fresh fruit, wine, flowers, seafood, meat, milk, etc
  • Used by manufacturers of cosmetics, medicines, electronic goods, etc

Materials and specifications

Materials and specifications

Made from 3 layers of material which are technically bonded together:

  • An inner reflective Power Plastics barrier insulation foil to reflect the heat away from the product.  It has a reflectivity of 96% to 97%, and is able to withstand temperatures between -30 degrees Celsius and +100 degrees Celsius
  • A middle conductive layer of insulation material
  • A protective outer layer of coated HDPE tarpaulin that is UV stabilised

4-layer thermal pallet covers have the same specifications as 3-layer thermal pallet covers but with an additional protective outer layer of HDPE covering the barrier foil.  Used mainly for protection where the load will be handled excessively.

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