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Dam liners are a simple way to provide waterproofing of dams and ponds where the soil type is not ideal for water storage, providing the waterproofing essential for a viable dam.

Power Plastics’ dam liners are ideal where the technical skills exist and the only requirement is a secure membrane. DIY installations and kits for dams between 6m and 30m in width, and up to 50m in length are our specialty, where the customer is competent or has the necessary engineering skills required to design the dam. Site preparation is critical to ensure a Power Plastics dam liner is appropriate.

We deal with engineers, the agricultural community, aid agencies, mining companies and manufacturing entities.

Power Plastics works with partner groups and suppliers to supply accessories around the dam liner. For example, piping suppliers, valve manufacturers and consulting engineers all collaborate to become part of the same project team.

We recommend using a VapourGuard cover over the top of the dam water to prevent evaporation and algae growth, and to preserve water quality.

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600GSM PVC, Bidum Underlay



  • Dam liners secure the dam to prevent any water leakage
  • Manufactured for a DIY approach, water-tight dam liners allow users to maximise their own skills and resources for a more cost-effective installation
  • Able to ship to remote locations for DIY installation

Materials and specifications

Materials and specifications

  • Polyethylene liners are used when cost is a factor – a fairly rigid material containing UV stabilizer, best used where simple, regular rectangular or circular excavations are employed with little chance of sharp items to puncture lining
  • PVC liners are appropriate where difficult topography requires a customised fit to be manufactured, and 90° angles and sharp corners are prevalent

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