Pallet Covers

Pallet Covers are used to protect goods throughout the transport chain, ensuring goods are not subject to damage, scuffing, mechanical damage or other losses en route. They are particularly important for the transport of moisture-sensitive goods and to prevent theft.


  • The ability to brand our pallet covers means your brand will receive exposure in the transport chain
  • Tamper-evident construction provides further security for palletised goods
  • Our pallet covers are re-usable

Materials and specifications

  • Manufactured in PVC, polyethylene or polypropylene thermal material
  • Supported PVC tarpaulins (woven polyester base fabric) of various colours and thicknesses based on the application
  • Virgin polyethylene materials of various grades and thicknesses, with optional functional additives such as anti-static agents and UV stabilisers
  • The openings in the cover can be customised with velcro splits, zips, etc to aid the fitting of the pallet cover
  • A wide selection of colour choices are available to match the brand’s colours or corporate image

Typical sizes

LengthWidth Standard heights
1,3 m1,1m1m, 1,2m, 1,6m, 1,8m Standard SA pallet: 1,2m x 1,0m
1,1 m0,9 m1m, 1,2m 1,6m 1,8mEuropean pallet: 1,0m x 0.8m

Any height of pallet load can be accommodated as the pallet covers are custom-made.

When ordering, please state the pallet size and the cover size.

To view our Thermal Pallet Covers for cold chain logistics, please click here.


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