Power Plastics delivers on large order for fumigation sheeting

Rentokil Fumigation SheetsPower Plastics, a supplier of industrial liners and covers, recently delivered a significant order for fumigation sheeting for a leading pest control company, again illustrating the skills and customer centric approach that sets it apart from other suppliers in the industry.

Power Plastics is one of Africa’s foremost suppliers of fumigation sheeting.

“When an order for 28,000 m2 of fumigation sheeting with 5,5 kilometres of welding with a one-week turnaround time came in, we geared resources on the factory floor and stepped up to the challenge,” says Paul Bayly of Power Plastics.

Fumigation sheeting may sound like a simple case of supplying large sheets of Polyethylene but it is a lot more complicated given that fumigant gases pose a health and safety risk. The welded seams in the sheeting must be gas-tight and throughout the production process, the utmost care must be taken to avoid tears.

“When manufacturing and handling fumigation sheeting, even the slightest oversight can compromise its efficacy and lead to gas permeation,” says Bayly.

Flexibility and weight must also be considered as this affects general handling of the sheeting. One has to achieve the right balance between adequate tear resistance and weight if it is to be functional. Manufactured from clear Polyethylene sheeting of 150 to 200 micron, Power Plastics tailors fumigation sheeting to any size. Important too is to ensure the sheeting’s edges can be securely taped to the floor or accommodate weighting. This is to prevent seepage and protect those in the vicinity from inhaling toxic gases.

On delivery, Power Plastics also educates on how to care for fumigation sheeting.

“Correct folding and storage when not in use, and avoiding dragging the sheeting over rough surfaces will go a long way to extending its lifespan,” says Bayly.

Based in the Western Cape, Power Plastics has worked hard to secure its niche as a leader in Polyethylene, Polyprop, PVC and thermal materials for the industrial market. Other products include cold chain thermal products, scaffolding sheeting, shipping container liners, dam and reservoir liners and pallet covers.

In 2011, Power Plastics received industry accolade when awarded Supplier of the Year by PPC Cement after exceeding customer expectations on an order of branded pallet covers.

With a growing footprint in the SADC region, in 2012 Power Plastics will expand into yet more African territories. The market can also expect to see innovative new agricultural products developed.


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