Aquaculture technology – Power Plastics makes its mark in another niche sector

Aquaculture technology - Power Plastics and Deep Blue Aqua
Aquaculture technology – Power Plastics and Deep Blue Aqua

Power Plastics, South African designer and manufacturer of water retention kits and liners has again stepped up to exceed customer expectations, tailoring a unique order of pond liners for Deep Blue Aqua, a leader in the aquaculture and aquaponics sector.

“Aquaculture is a highly specialised field with little room for error, so when Deep Blue Aqua came to us with their pond liner requirements for fish breeding tanks, we geared resources to ensure every detail was perfect and that the liners were handled with care throughout the manufacturing process to avoid tears or holes in the liners,” says Caryn Formby of Power Plastics.

The initial order was for 56 pond liners with custom diameters and manufactured in a potable PVC. Impressed with the quality and workmanship of the liners, Deep Blue Aqua has since placed orders for other PVC liners, including a liner for a fish ‘raceway’. Fitting inside a wooden frame, this liner measured five metres in length, 1,8 metres wide and 500mm deep.

Deep Blue Aqua is a specialist manufacturer of equipment and systems used in the aquaculture industry for the farming of a variety of different species, from trout to tilapia and rock lobster to abalone and kob.

“Our business has been built on supplying quality products and services to our clients who are reliant on their systems working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is an industry where product quality and longevity are vitally important,” says Brynn Simpson of Deep Blue Aqua.

“We have built a close relationship with Power Plastics so it made sense for us to work with them on our liner technology. We enjoy their professional approach to our business and to their commitment to supplying quality products into our industry. We have used their products widely on tilapia farms as well as aquaponics systems and have every confidence in their manufacturing and design skills,” says Simpson.

“With new niches developing all the time in the plastics manufacturing sector, we need to stay ten steps ahead of others. On Deep Blue Aqua’s order, we knew that we had to be innovative, insightful and, importantly, offer value for money. The repeat business is testament to a successful liner design and our customer centric outlook. We look forward to further developing the relationship and aligning our engineering and manufacturing skills with Deep Blue Aqua’s growing operation in the African market,” concludes Formby.

 January 2015

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