Multi-layer Thermal Blankets

Power Plastics designs and manufactures custom special purpose thermal blankets for logistics requirements in the cold chain. Multiple layers of special purpose materials are expertly stitched together, with each layer of material serving a different purpose:

  • Inner layer – a robust inner layer to protect goods from damage from scuffing or penetration by sharp objects
  • First inner layer– provides a reflective barrier film. Heat is reflected either inwards to retain heat or outwards to minimise influence from external heat sources
  • Middle layer –  an insulation layer to minimise transfer of heat out- or inwards
  • Outer layer – a robust outer layer to protect the cover from external damage


  • Prevents temperature fluctuations and avoids spoiling of temperature sensitive goods in the cold chain.

Materials and specifications

  • The flexible first inner layer is made from reflective foil insulation material. Reflectivity (0.96 – 0.97) and low emissivity (0.04 – 0.031) – able to withstand temperatures between -300C  and 1000C.
  • The middle layer  is made from hollow conjugate polyester non-woven wadding that is chemically bonded with an acrylic binder.
  • The inner and outer layer is made from UV stabilised polyethylene coated HDPE 180gsm material.
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