A selections of common FAQs. If your question is not answered here, please drop us a line on covers@powerplastics.co.za

Logistics and delivery

What delivery time can I expect on orders?

Please expect a 10 working day delivery time / turnaround with most orders. However should there be a special run this may take longer. The expected delivery time often depends on how customized the order is. This will be clarified at the time of placing the order.

How do you handle the shipping of orders to customers?

Orders are quoted ex works and then it is up to the customer to organize transport / shipping with a shipping agent or courier service.

If the order is quoted delivered to client your quotation will include transport however this is only on request that orders will be quoted with transportation / shipping.

Orders are often but not always placed in appropriate packaging such as a cardboard box, loaded on pallets and shipped.

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