End Fill Container Liner (tubular loading and tubular discharge)

Our End Fill Container Liner with tubular loading and tubular discharge is a totally enclosed liner which can fit any standard container and is often accompanied by a bulkhead.


An End Fill Container Liner is used for free flowing dry bulk powders, pellets, granules and grains.


The polyethylene liner is suspended within  the container by attaching the fixing ties to lugs/holes in the inside ceiling of the container.

The filling sleeve and discharge sleeve would align with respective holes in the bulkhead.

Retention systems are placed at the base and back of the liner to prevent movement.


Loading is done through the top chute. Dry bulk goods can be loaded by blowing granules, by auguring materials or by conveyor belts.


Depending on the type of discharge handling equipment, discharge is often by tipping the container into a hopper. Either a fish bone type discharge chute or, as show in the diagram, a round chute is provided.

Rotary flow pumps are often used to further pump the goods into above-ground silos.


Goods are often loaded with a bulkhead which is either a set of woven straps or wooden battens. This enables the doors to open on discharge.


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