COVID Curtains – plastic partitioning system to prevent the spread of infections in open plan areas

Companies are looking for simple, affordable ways to keep staff and customers safe from infection risks in shared spaces.

Partition curtains are a simple, quick way to achieve social distancing. The purpose is not to create a 100% airtight chamber but to ensure that within a closed environment, the spread of Corona virus droplets is restricted by this physical barrier.

Much like you see in supermarkets and cold rooms, the clear curtains can be split with the hand to create an opening to walk through.

Features and specifications

  • The curtains are 2.3m long and sold in linear meters.
  • Order a few additional meters of curtaining to prevent them from hanging too tightly.
  • The curtains are supplied with a rope and two securing points.


R56 per linear metre, excluding VAT
R65 per linear including VAT
R450 national delivery fee
Prices as at June 2020.

Download a COVID Curtains electronic brochure here.

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