Container Liners

Used in the containerized bulk shipment of free flowing cargoes, container liners are designed to protect goods in transit and remove the need for intermediate packaging. With our various design options including closed tops, open tops, loading chutes on top, on doors etc, this versatile product streamlines logistics and avoids losses.


  • Eliminates costly packaging units on smaller items and lowers production overheads as well as handling fees
  • Maximises the speed of inbound and outbound logistics
  • Protects goods and containers from contamination, moisture, etc
  • Facilitates a more effective use of container space and maximises the load
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Reduces intermediate handling and enables efficient transport of bulk cargo door to door
  • Minimises cargo spillage and waste, and avoids the need for dunnage and container cleaning costs
  • Bulk goods are transported hygienically and in a sterile chamber
  • Produced to fit any type of freight container with any type of bulkhead configuration


  • Suitable for typical applications such as transit of sand, plastic beads, slurry, feedstock and abrasive items
  • Polyethylene is the most common container liner used for the transportation of dry goods such as chemicals, fish meal, sugar, mining products and cement
  • Polypropylene container liners are used primarily for the transport of dry goods that require gas exchange such as grain, legumes and coffee
  • Where offloading fine powders, our liners have the option to add airbags in order to prevent losses

Material and specifications

  • Made from clear 150 μm – 200 μm low density virgin polyethylene
  • Dimensions: 6m / 20’, 12m / 40’,  high cube containers
  • Opening filling types: Front, Letterbox, Fish Tail or Tube
  • Loading filling types: Tube, Open Top or Open Front
  • Discharges: full width or circular
  • Suspended within the container with fixing points and ties. Versatile for all containers
  • Securing sleeves at the base of the container liner to prevent movement on discharge, especially when tipping


Container liners get used together with various material handling infrastructure. Container liners can accommodate hand filling, front end loaders, fork lifts, gravity fed hoppers to retractable conveyors, augers, blowers etc. On discharge, handling often involves tipping the container into a silo or hopper. The concept achieves silo to silo distribution with a dry bulk transportation method in between. Please refer to our technical diagrams to the right, for the different loading and opening options. Also see:

  1. End Fill Container Liner with tubular loading and tubular discharge
  2. Wide Access Container Liner
  3. Open Top Container Liner

For information on our Thermal Container Liners, please click here.

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