Bulkheads are used to secure cargo within the container when the doors are opened. They are often specified by the receiving customer to prevent goods falling out and thus spoiling or creating a safety risk for employees. Bulkheads therefore become part of the Health and Safety requirements.

Bulkheads come in a number of different designs:

  1. Strapping – to be used together with cross beams (strapping is supplied on request)
  2. Full front Polyprop bulkhead together with securing strapping – to be used together with cross beams (full front Polyprop bulkhead supplied)
  3. Wooden bulkheads – not supplied


Bulkheads are stored just behind the front doors of the container. The cross beams fit into the allocated spots in the strapping and hold the goods within the container by forming a wedge behind the doors. Bulkheads are installed during the loading process and goods are loaded behind the bulkhead, ideally in a container liner.


Bulkhead is in place when container liner is secured.


When the container needs to be discharged, goods within the container will flow through the allocated discharge chute into the hopper but the bulkhead will stay behind. On discharge, one door is opened to start the discharge. When unloading is 75% complete, the remaining door will be opened. The bulkhead is then dismantled to withdraw the container liner.

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