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Power Plastics has the skills and design expertise to create a vast range of covers, bags and liners with complicated or unusual specs and specialist market requirements. This often requires innovative technology and skilled engineering. Such capabilities allow us to confidently service a niched section of the market. No matter how complex or challenging the application, we will always work closely with the customer to deliver a quality, custom product made to exact specifications.

One such example of our design capabilities is our line of robust PVC Body Bags. These sturdy bags are designed to carry, store and preserve cadavers, and are used mainly by mortuaries, police services and funeral homes.  They can also be used by emergency workers to retrieve a body safely, especially in difficult retrieval situations. 


  • Manufactured with 600 gsm PVC
  • Plastic zip on the top
  • Six webbing handles for easy carrying.
  • Welded seams to provide added strength and prevent any leakage.
  • Option to add a clear PVC face window for identification purposes
  • Ability to add printed logos and branding as needed.
  • Available in a variety of colours upon request.
  • Easily couriered to anywhere in South Africa and the region.


  • Provides a leak-proof casing for the remains that is also dust-free, water-tight, sealed and hygienic.
  • The PVC material is UV-resistant and easy to fold and store when not in use.

Sizes and prices

The Power Plastics body bags are available in the following industry-standard sizes, but can be customised to suit any client requirements:

DescriptionSize (Length and width)Price (excluding VAT)
Infant500mm x 500mmR400
Child700mm x 500mmR410
Small1300mm x 900mmR545
Medium1700mm x 900mmR590
Large2000mm x 900mmR640
Extra large2300mm x 900mmR690
XX Large2500mm x 900mmR750

As at March 2020 – prices valid for 6 months

Further applications/ variations

The custom-made body bag can also be used for the carrying and storage of animal carcases.  These are typically used by hunters to transport or carry the animal, or by veterinarians to transport animal corpses to a crematorium.  Animal body bags can be custom-made to any size, from small dog or cat sizes to a large horse or buck. 

A further different type of body bag is one made from what is termed heat-reflective or thermal material. The purpose here is to keep the corpse at a stable temperature and to reduce the variation of temperature over a short period of time. The bag would be used as an inner for the PVC body bag. The thermal bags are manufactured from a 140-micron reflective thermal barrier foil material where temperature control of the corpse is required.

This body bag is further designed so that air may be extracted and the body bag sealed securely. Ideally, it should be vacuum packed but this is a development in time.

To order, please contact us. 

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