Barrier Netting

Power Plastics Barrier Netting is among the most durable and cost effective on the market, manufactured for easy handling and installations. It can be branded with a company logos for excellent visibility and marketing purposes. Barrier netting is used for crowd control and to protect areas from being visibile and accessible.


  • Barrier netting protects pedestrians/workers from falling objects and debris, creating a safer environment
  • Offers a measure of protection from wind and rain, and protect buildings from weathering
  • A cost-effective alternative to branded billboards and building signage


Because barrier netting is so versatile, it has a variety of applications, including:

  • Safety on construction sites
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Signage on building exteriors
  • Crowd control
  • Advertising on barrier netting for golf days

Materials and specifications

  • 350 gsm PVC mesh engineered product
  • Available in 1,5m – 9m widths x 50 meters in length. Our barrier netting can be welded for increased width as required
  • Wind rated for construction scaffolding
  • Available in grey, blue and black
  • UV stabilised
  • Option to include branding on the barrier netting


I would like to thank Power Plastics for supplying our company with the blue netting which we used for our offshore operations. It was manufactured to the highest quality and to our specific requirements. We used the netting tied to strategic points to prevent debris from blowing everywhere. Our main concern was that the wind would tear the net off at regular intervals. The netting was strong enough and allowed us to proceed with our work without stoppages due to the nets breaking loose. This in turn saved time and costs related to the job.

Should the need arise on other projects we would definitely purchase the netting again from Power Plastics.

E Wright, Southey Contracting

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