Bamic Enterprises is a specialist company focused on solutions with cold chain logistics, based in Cape Town, with a national footprint.

There is a need for thermal control products in many areas of the supply chain; logistics, (air, road and sea transport) retailing, agriculture, fruit, flowers, wine, meat, chicken, fish, dairy, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

All these industries need to use these sophisticated products to ensure the maintenance of quality and the efficiency, efficacy and security of the cold chain. The critical weaknesses in the cold chain often occur at the loading and off-loading points of the supply chain. This is where Bamic Enterprise’s products come into their own, saving time, energy and money.

Bamic Enterprises has partnered with Power Plastics to locally produce customised thermal control products, tailor made for unique logistics operations in many retail groups.

In addition to this, there have been a number of specialised inter-site transfer solutions developed by Bamic Enterprises, allowing more effective deployment of logistics assets within business units.

Bamic Enterprises’ current projects include various solutions for transporting cold goods between retail outlets, managing in-process chilling requirements, and looking for solutions for time-based chilling requirements.