Body bags are usually required by South African mortuaries, police services, etc. They are produced as a result of a successful tender process and manufactured to the tender specifications.

Power Plastics also supplies animal body bags to farmers for livestock and veterinary practices for the disposal of domestic animals and horses.

Materials and specifications

  • We manufacture two types of body bags for humans and and animals:
  1. 200 micron polyethylene (for use in a low-cost environment). Available in clear polyethylene or black
  2. 400 gsm PVC. Normally manufactured in black PVC but any colour can be requested
  • Secure carry handles are conveniently located on the bags to aid handling
  • Can be custom made to any size or specification and produced in high volumes for tenders
  • Option to include branding on the body bags for identification purposes
  • Sizes: our body bags are available in small, medium and large to suit common usages but sizes can be adapted / customised as needed